MD142/5/3 Pressure filtration apparatus, stainless steel, infusion vessel 2200ml

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Pressure Filtration Device MD 142/5/3, stainless steel, 2200 ml, 545 × 200 mm Pressure filtration device MD 142/5/3, stainless steel, 2200 ml, 545 x 200 mm Pressure filtration devices with a sample loading cylinder are suitable for batch filtration of samples from 20 ml. Devices without infusion cylinders are connected inline and are suitable for larger volumes of several liters. Filtration of liquids and gases is possible, including sterile filtration of serums or clear filtration of media that are difficult to filter, especially those that are highly viscous. Membranes, paper or glass fiber filter discs can be used. Cleaning and changing of filters is completed in a few steps. All units are equipped with pressure-resistant filter supports. High-quality silicone or PTFE O-rings seal the systems. Please ensure that you use only intact seals for safety reasons. PTFE versions are available in addition to stainless steel devices, for use with corrosive media.